Want to Develop Apps ? Know why one should develop apps with Api -backend


There are two diverse trends happening in mobile development right now. The most ordinary one is the mobile approach where you develop a landing page and then start to develop specific product in ios if your target is US market but , if you target for European market then android would be the right choice.

The other trends running in the market is approach to API in which API is developed first and then the Websites or the mobile applications are built on the same condition. The API solution permits app developers to reach to end number of mobile subscriber holding different devices. Using this as a solution you can easily manage building of app , deployment and the whole mobile development life-cycle from a single source using API as Back-end service.


What is Baas?


Mobile Back-end as a Service or popularly known as M Baas is one of the alternative for the mobile app development companies to connect to cloud back-end storage for purpose like storage of data , push notification, queues of messages to be delivered , file Storage , Social integration and much more. It's an alternative to the traditional development method that excludes the memory occupied in our system to store such data and brings faster services to the consumers in their mobile devices.

How API Back-end are designed for today's app?

An API back-end integrates many of the development stairs that you need to repeat for various types of OS and digital devices . BaaS is developed for the era where quantity and complications increases as the technology advances and the years passes along. Hyperlink Infosystem believes key factor to help developers in development of perfect BaaS is to let them focus on application core features and UX . Focusing on such trait helps developers to pace up less complicated SDK with API.

Main Benefits of Baas To developers


1. Eradicates excessive stack setup for every app.

2. Eradicates intermediate code.

3. Everything binded into single model.


These benefits when considered together helps app developers to develop Native apps at a faster pace .


Drawbacks of Baas

1. It's quite Data-Centric :

In context to PaaS Opposition , An API back-end is data to be first and code on later parts. It clearly states that one cannot have long time function calls. Here it works like if new order is created then trigger that.


2. Logic push to client :

As we are adapted by very thin server we can represent as many logic to the clients.


3. security :

Rather than regular API , we are aware that clients reside in untrusted environment , so should always make use of end-user certification on the peak of Oauth and SSL.


How do business get advantage from designing API first ?


Some of the business advantage by designing API is as below :


1. API an an annexed revenue source

2. API that helps to increase brand awareness

3. API encourages innovation

4. API leads to grow efficiency


To conclude

Also known as BaaS , API helps developers to link a way of their software and app to the cloud storage making communication richer and serene. Want to develop your own API ? Then Contact Hyperlink Infosystem dedicated team to design your fullfeldged API at minimum cost . Contact us now.


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