The world of design goes by regular beats: Know some excellent UI Design Trends You Can not avoid in any situations


Only a some years back, UI designers all over the world were uploading pixel perfect images.


As a result, most websites closed up watching the same. To make an actuality check, how many websites did you visit last year? And how many of them do you recognize?


To cut the story small, the age of pixel-publishing is completed.


The wheel on UI designing is changing repeatedly, and in 2016 it’s time once repeat to create anything unique for building that excellent, eye-shot taking UI design:


1) Concentrate on your navigation to generate remember with your customers:





Experience designing also described architecture designing, has grown essential now, more than ever ahead. Simply uploading good viewing pictures above a normal layout won’t make.


The internet is growing slowly congested, so rather of operating over single-page artworks, improve your screen interconnects, for implementing a beneficial user experience -UX that would finally make up to customer happiness.


2) long-scroll:




Some of the year after several designers were predicting the end of the long-scroll. But, with the arrival of the smartphones and mobile beneficial sites, people have become very attached of scrolling over longish pages.


So, put your content on a consistent sequence and your users will continue involved with the best information presented at the right time, I would say designing around time and stage of your customer’s visit.


3) The Rich animation is in:



Give control to your storytelling by using rich animations same spinners, loading bars, hover tools, hidden navigation menus, loading animations, card style interfaces, motion, background animations and many more.


These will save your users amused and wait on your pages though they will get you for your interactive and interesting UX design.


4) Use micro- interactions to keep your visitors interested:



Micro-interactions are little things that are done without enough thought.


They are controlled by movement rather than the serious decisions like changing off an alarm, choosing the image of a cat on Facebook or any other.

Give your visitors little actionable options like writing a Facebook status or any other. That they can manage on your page and put them involved.


People are no longer new to doing websites and applications, hence, think easy to try out some new minimalistic designs to space out your pages, like the Hamburger Menu.


Clear space is the unique design, which only means that rather of establishing too many games over a single page, give your user the advantage of working with just one option at a time.



A call-to-action would become much more noticeable if it has the empty place all around it.


There can be many more design configurations for the coming year, but these turn it up succinctly for presently.



There can be many more design configurations for the coming year, but these turn it up succinctly for presently.


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