Get Some Insights about the Copy-Writing inklings that amplifies Your Rank in SEO


Copy-writing is one of the most crucial aspect to be considered for on- page SEO in any mobile app development companies . But continuous emerging of new algo and its updations by Google is changing the game rules, making it difficult to keep a track of such works. However, it's quite hard to get acknowledgement about whether optimization effort empowered by us is not harming our rankings or not.


Then let's get some idea about the tips to boost up your ranking in SEO.


1) Write for Flesh blood – Optimize it for Robots


It's 2016 and it's fact that no one really wish to sit aside and read your papers , nor even the Google ..! Google concentrates on unique and natural content for SEO. So focus on your targeted audience for content but at the same time optimize it for the robots to find your Uniqueness.


2) Forget about Keyword Density


Keyword density was the factor that was ranking years ago but now the scenario has changed. Though it is important to use relevant keywords in your content but the keywords used must be natural. Keywords should not be placed in the place where it is not well-suited , else would result in negative leads. Focus on natural stuff instead of pre-decided one's.


3) Write Long and in-Depth content


It has been noticed that the average of content ranging around 2000 words ranks high in google and the reason behind is simple – content is relevant as well informative that keeps user engaged with you . Just simple don't write to cheer Search engines write it to share some insights with the audience.


4) Answer your Audience Questions


If your visitors are facing some mess in their mind regarding your products or services they are probably gonna raise such questions in Google . So , embrace your visitor with a credible answer that drives them to be a purchaser of your site . Also resolving their query is one of the way for long trail benefit.


5) Title Tag and Metadata are still hold King thorn


Your title tag is the thing entity that is being stressed in the eyes of Google while categorizing web-pages. Moreover the stunning blend of title tag along with the snippet is something that your visitors are gonna look at in the Search engine. So you can include keywords but also make sure that your title and meta sounds in a natural way and target the audience to turn towards them to hit the button and visit your page.


So these was a small part of contribution by top app development company hoping that you got some better insights related to copy-writing Stuffs .Just keep one thing in mind that “ For the app developers who builds mobile and web related apps rather, it's the joint efforts of the whole team to make a mobile or web app successful, meanwhile maintaining the consistency of online presence of brand more conscience.”

Be in touch for more updates ..! Happy Writing..!


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