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Apple I-Watch is one of the most popular gadget people are talking about . Apple is the Only product that has changed the standard and lives of people. The Apple watch is been developed by IOS Inc targetting fitness and other health Analytic abilities whilw integrating along with other apple product and applications.


Apple Watch relies on a wirelessly connected device called iPhone Performing its default functionalites like calling and texting.

It is found `harmonious with the iPhone 5 or later versions considering iOS 8.2 or later, using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Device Type

Wearable device.

Lets have an eye on tour of the qualities that makes Apple I-Watch being distinguihed from other devices.

1 > Apple Settelment

-> People Owing I phone 5 and later can make payemnts within blink of seconds using Apple Watch.You can make payments to tons of stores that accept contactless payment.

2 > Key Replacement

-> It not only lets you have a look on your reservation but also acts as key replacement and allows you to unlock rooms through apple watch eliminating keys. So just flush it off all keys and enjoy with apple watch.

3 > Physical Fitness and Health Track

-> Apple watch is not only a package of heart sensor but it also has other apps that lets you consider well being of human.It will analyze all the body movements and will notify you when you are sitting walking or doing other activites.

4 > Notification & glimpses

-> Apple watch will notify you for the actions you have set for . As an example if you have kept your light on then it will notify you to switch it off without need of device. Glimpes are simply the messages you need not to respond to.

There are much more features available that makes human life at ease and comfort. I phone Application development has many many oppurtunities to work on this amazing gadget . We are looking forward to develop this life changing drastic apps making it an addition to change human life.

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